Trodat stamp pads for Professional and Printy Line are truly high-tech products. Both parts of the two-layer pad material are constantly evolving and have been brought to almost absolute perfection. The bottom layer made of microporous material serves as a reservoir of ink, the top of synthetic leather then to distribute the ink evenly with each print. The impressions of Trodat stamps are therefore of the same quality at the North Pole as in the tropical rainforest. Homogeneous and clean from the first to the last print.

  • Pure imprints in documentary quality
  • Accurate color dosage
  • Pad never dries out
  • All materials used are completely non-toxic
  • Easy and clean pad replacement

Pad Replacement Procedure

  • Lightly press the stamp
  • Lock with the side buttons
  • Take out the old pad and replace it with new one of the same color


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